Custom, hand crafted leather Bibles, repair services, and re-covering of precious books

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We make custom Bibles and rebind old broken Bibles and other precious books

We make and rebind custom, special order Bibles in custom and special order leathers. We can make or rebind a Bible in any leather you desire, or take any off-the-shelf book and re-cover it with custom leather. We also stock non-customized, handmade quality Bibles that are designed by craftsman Benjamin Vannoy

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy and Youtube. You can also call, text or email with any questions.

Our Products and Services

Custom Bibles

Custom Bibles, made to order, using a Bible you send us, or we provide. We can make the Bible using any leather you desire

Handcrafted, Designer Bibles

While not customized, we keep these Bibles in stock, ready to order. They make a beautiful gift, or a great reference Bible. These Bibles are designed by craftsman Benjamin Vannoy, and then handmade to specification

Rebinding and Re-covering

We can take any family hierloom Bible, in just about any condition, and refashion it into a work of art. You ship us the Bible, and we can recondition it, rebind it, and build a new custom leather cover that will last for generations to come

DIY Book Binding

We provide a training video to teach you how to rebind and refurbish precious books and material. Please visit Etsy to purchase the training video